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Weather affecting rustics?

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I decided to start a new thread since the other was getting long and I'm sure everyone was tired of wading through the posts.

My rustics were turning out well when I first started making them- when it was still cold outside. It warmed up, and that's when they started turning out smooth no matter what I tried. In the last few days it's gone from 70 degrees to snowing (that's Arizona weather for you) and as it was cooling down, the candles I poured came out with more and more texture, and they're back to the way they were looking originally.

What do you think? Has anyone noticed the temperature affecting the finish and texture of their rustics? I'm trying to figure out a way to test this by letting the candles cool at a lower temperature, but I think a fridge would be overkill so I'm not sure what else to try.

Maybe I'll just have to make smooth candles for the next few months. :laugh2:

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I don't know if that would affect them. However, when I tried to make my rustics with the peppermint patties I poured at 150 like I always do and they just didn't seem to want to work. It's a thought lol That is a good thing to chalk it up to anyway. :laugh2:

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