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Need the basics on measuring wax

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Hello all,

I have spent the past two weeks doing nothing but reading all of your posts! I'm brand new at candlemaking and have found some very helpful hints and have been taking notes. This part of me is the smart one.

Now, let me introduce you to the dumb one. :D I have posted on other forums with no luck, but you guys seem to be the bomb diggity! I just can't seem to find the answer to a basic question: How do you measure wax? Especially for small projects....

Let's say that I want to make one wickless candle in an 8 oz jar just to test. How do I know how much wax to melt?

My very first project a week ago was a batch of tarts. Since no one on the other forums would answer my question, I simply weighed one pound of wax on my digital scale. I ended up with 20 tarts....didn't really want that many to start with since I'm in the testing stage right now, but got them nonetheless.

I just need some basic guidelines so I can feel less like an idiot. This is probably just basic math, but my brain farts just keep piling up.

Thanks for anyone who can help me!


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Click the General Information tab over at the left of this browser page, then look under Handy Calculators. That'll hook you up.

Basically, if you weigh the amount of water it takes to fill up a container to the level you want, you can multiply that by .86 to approximate the amount of candlestuff it will take.

Congratulations on your first post and welcome.

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And that's why I love this board and all the people here....no waiting an eternity for an answer. Post a question, go to bed, wake up, and poof...there's my answer. :)

Thanks guys! And for the record, I think "candlestuff" should be added to Webster's Dictionary!! It's a great word! :D

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