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wicking - after the fact?

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Can anyone explain the process for wicking after you've made the candle?

Do you have to pour with a wick 'stick' type thingy in place, or do you make the hole with that afterwards?

I don't have the wick stick thingy, but my mother in law gave me a long metal skewer, wondering if that would work.

I want to try and make the candle with different colour levels, (where you tilt it) and the wick slips when I tilt it.

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thanks for the pictures tony (love the heart one)' date=' what is holding the sucker stick at the sides of the moulds? is it a fitment thats already on your mould?[/quote']

It is very hi-tech. I wrapped a rubber band around the underside of the mold. :)

I intend to get some of those fancy wick centering fixtures eventually, or I'll fab my own. I love wasting time saving money :)

The metal skewer pulls right out.

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lol, my dad can make anything out of anything :D

Dunno if its going to come out of the candle yet, still pouring. Got 5 layers in this one, its tilting now as I speak.

Actually I'm going to ask him to make me some kind of box type thingymajig.

the mould (plastic beaker) is currently tilted by sitting on a role of tape, balanced against a glass jar and looks very precarious, if someone breaths on it, I'm sure it'll tip.

I want a box to wedge it in, set at a particular angle, with height adjustable sides..........."Dad........ I need you a minute" lmao

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