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Pricing KY glaze and whip


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I don't use the whip, but I use the glaze. I'm still in "decision" phase, but I do like it a pump bottle. I've had one in the ladies restroom in a pump, and they love it. I have also gotten several orders because of it being in there. I am also trying some of the bottles with flip top lids. Filling the bottles is very time consuming for me. Jars are much easier. I haven't tried a tube yet.

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I've used funnels, the zip lock baggie method, and I bought the ketchup/mustard squeeze bottles. It was as much trouble (and messy) with the baggies and squeeze bottles as with the funnels. I even tried the vet hypo needle thing. Going to try a piping bag next.

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Get a gallon jug and pump to make it easier to put into the bottles. You may have to transfer it from whatever it was packaged in when you got it from the supplier. If you can heat it in the microwave like you can with lotion you should be able to get it into the bottles easier or transfering it to the gallon jug with the pump.



I got my gallon jugs at WSP and the pump from Jody's.

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