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Pouring too quickly?

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K, I got all my fun stuff from Peaks! (Wa Freakin Hoo!) I've made a few different pillars and they all had bubbles at the bottom (top once set up for burn). Am I pouring too fast? There are no bubbles except the bottom 1/2" to 1" on each of them.


IGI 4625 - no other additives

Scents were Tall Grass, Clean Cotton, Coffee and Hot Cocoa

Colors were Hunter Green liq., None, Coffee and Coffee (respectively)

Room temp 77 degrees

Cooled at room temp on a teflon round pizza pan


I poured down the wick pin, pins were used for all.

Aside from some extra sink I didn't expect after a 2nd repour (I think I'm not waiting long enough), the scent and colors were perfect!

On the heart mold, same wax, Rose Bouquet and red color, there are no bubbles.... ???

On the round fluted, I did Sweet Pea, same setup, red color, and no bubbles???

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I tapped with my spoon and still the same thing happened, there are less bubbles this time, but there's still quite a few. I just notice it does it VERY badly on the votives... the bottom quarter inch looks almost rustic even though when I put clear wax in and looked down and lightly tapped on the sides, there was no bubbles on the bottom of the votives. :(

I tried a search, but since I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I'm not really getting anywhere with it.

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