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Im still testing the Lavender scent. Last week I poured Peaks lavender using Soy at 1/2oz PP and the hot throw was pretty good, although I think im going up to 3/4oz PP. My question to the board is does Lavender have a slight fuel smell? I have never smelled this scent before until I tested it and it's pretty funky if you ask me? I guess I need to test other companies.

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I make lavender candles for a local lavender farm, and I have always noticed the same thing! I have tried lavender FO from many wholesalers, and even experimented with EO, and always could detect it!

They tell me I am crazy, but it keeps me experimenting! I don't know if the fuel smell could be from the wax (I have been using Ez Soy and J223 at 80/20, even though I experimented with other waxes and could still detect it) or from the wick burning too hot (I have been using either and Echo or a CD). I have also had the issue with the wax becomming slightly disclored and rough looking after burning. Once they set up, the cold throw even takes on the fuel smell to me!

I would love to find the answer to this, or what we are doing wrong! Maybe our noses are crazy!

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