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I'm trying again, I think I'm finally just going to try the farmers market


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I wanted to go into B&B business last year. Turns out I wanted to make too many different products and got in over my head. I never went into business.

I also went crazy with the FO's and wanted to have a million different scents in my line.

Well now I've taken a fresh look at what I'm doing and I learned a very valuable lesson.

-----It's better to make 2 or 3 GREAT products than 10 so-so products.-------

I'm in school for massage therapy & aromatherapy. This year I've been really into natural health and therapeutic products.

Here's my new line..keepin it simple this time!

-Therapeutic Bath Salts in 4 different EO synergy blends which I created.

-Whipped shea (just shea whipped with shea oil) in unscented, Lavender EO Peppermint EO

-(MP) Shea butter soap (massage bar mold) in unscented, Tee Tree EO, lavender EO, peppermint EO.

Thats IT!

So besides selling online and to my massage therapy clients.... I hope to do well at the farmers market. Anyone have experience with farmers markets? Is it a much different experience than a craft show?

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See what happens when you slow down a little and take a good hard look at things? I think your line sounds wonderful, and I wish you TONS of success with it! Around here natural health and therapeutic products are beginning to sell really well~ I hope you find the same wherever you are! GOOD LUCK to you! :)

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