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Creme Brulee


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I'm in a bit of a jam... I had a lady (pretty good customer) call me today and place an order for 8 of the Pint Mason Jars in Creme Brulee. I use Creme Brulee from ST, and have that on my "to order" list... I have around 2 ounces of oil left and ST is closed for 2 weeks. She wants/needs these by Friday b/c she's going to PA where her family lives and is taking them as gifts.

Does anyone know of a Creme Brulee that is like ST's? Or does anyone have any ST Creme Brulee laying around they'd be willing to sell? Post here or Email me.... I'm figuring I'll need about 6 ounces give or take...(minus my 2)

Any help/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!



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