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Has anyone tried the lotion base....


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.... from the candle source?

I just got a sample of it and it's a really nice, thick lotion. My hands aren't oily from it, but it's not like applying water either.

I have tried the base from BCN which was very nice.... tried MMS but it was "watery" feeling.

This one seems thicker than both.... and "sticks with you" if that makes sense. 10 minutes later it's not like it's vanished and I need to reapply.

Anyone else have any experiences with this lotion base?

TIA :smiley2:

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I was wondering the same thing about TCS lotion bases. How well does it hold scent and colors? Is it very thick? Can I add distilled water or Aloe Juice to it and still have a nice consistency?

I think someone said the body splash is the same as WSP luxury mist which I have and love.

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It's a nice thick lotion.

Loren said you can add up to 1% to the base.... but he had it made to be a cross between Bath and Body's hand lotion and body creme.

It has a great consistency... I am loving it...

I am not sure about how well it holds colors, but it's holding love spell fo wonderfully.

I will need to buy a gallon to test with!!

hahaha, my hubby is going to LOVE that! LOL

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