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Making M&P soaps harder, last longer?


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I'm using this great natural M&P soap base from WholesaleSuppliesPlus which is awesome. I'm adding some powdered clay and apricot kernel meal along with some essential oils. The bar smells and feels awesome ... but it's a little soft and I can tell after showering with my test bar for a couple days that it won't last long.

I've seen some M&P recipes that include a teaspoon or two of beeswax added to the mix ... will this make my bar last longer and make it harder? Is there anything else I can add to extend its life?

Thanks so much!


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OH really? Wow, I know in cold process soaps, bars made with lots of olive oil makes them hard, but I'd expect that benefit to happen because of its chemical reaction to the lye. I get my natural m&p soap base from WSP and they suggest not adding any oils to the m&p base. Maybe I'll try it with a tiny batch anyway. The stearic and beeswax doesn't seem to affect the hardness and longevity as much as I'd hoped.

Thanks so much for this idea ... I will try it and let you know.

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Although very late to this post........you can also add olive oil. That seems to make my mp last a lil longer and definitely makes it harder.

Wow! I hadn't heard this before. Will DEFINITELY be giving this a try. Thanx for the tip! :highfive:

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Well, I tried it. Just washed my hands and it did lather like crazy. :yay:

I should mention that I also added 1tsp of SLSa (cuz I was so sure this wouldn't lather :embarasse ). I'm thinking that might be what provided so many bubbles cuz it was like...WOW.

I'm gonna try again with no SLSa, just OO to be fair.

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