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lip gloss


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Just depends on what you want it to be like, so yes you can and in fact the more you read on this board the more you will see that BW is what most people use. I think just because it is more readily available. But both waxes are similar in their applications.

I can't remember exactly what it is, but there IS something quite different about Carnuba wax that makes it a good choice if you like it's properties, but again... bees wax does work just fine otherwise.

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Carnuaba wax (a resin from the waxy leaves of a tree) is super hard.. said to be the hardest of all waxes. Offers good shine on car that won't get cloudy, lol. It is also said that it often contains some paraffin. Beeswax is considered an animal derived product and is moisturizing.

The purpose of these two things in a cosmetic is generally to 'bind' it all together and supply whatever hardness/consistency you are going for accordingly. They both do this. If you want it harder, add more. Less firm, up your oils to wax ratio.

Since Carnuaba is so hard, and you specified that you want to make a lip gloss, I would use 1/3 to 1/2 as much more beeswax, (since the C is harder you'd need less of it)...and go up or down from there. Then I'd add more oils if it was too much. I'm not experienced enough to read that recipie though and say if that sounds like too much or too little. I can only guestimate where your ratios should be. Also I don't know just how much this will change your end amounts.

I'm hoping someone with more experience with these waxes can chime in here!

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