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Fooling around with Pillars

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I bought a slab of OK6228 to try pillars, they told me to use Z series wicks. The supplier said if you use a Med. size wick for a 3-4" jar use a L. size wick for a pillar that size. Well, I've done that and I am having to much of an edge around the candle. I read on here a lot of you use the flat braid wicks for pillars, are they better? I don't have any of those, but I can get some. I also tried a few rustics, but I'm thinking this wax is NOT good for those, am I right? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks much, Dee

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Fraid i don't know much about your wax (we only have about two sorts of wax here in the UK!!!!)

But i use LX wicks for my pillars. They work really well for most of my pillar candles, though some of my bigger candles (about 3inches) and odd shaped ones aren't doing as well, so i'm planning on gettin some flat braid wick for those.

The best way to start would be to get the wick size (lx or flat braid) for your size candle and try it out. Smoking would prob mean your wick was too big and you needed to try a size down.

Hope that helps

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