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Ive fallen and I cant get up


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God, where are the motivational people!!!!!!! I want to make soap,the ingredients are in the kitchen waiting for me........ but I just dont want to get up and make it.... :embarasse

I made castile soap about 3 weeks ago, the first in about 6 years.LOL .It came out really well. When I look at all the beautiful soap you guys make , it makes me want to make some.

Question....why do you put all that petals, oats, etc on them? Dont people have to scrape it off to wash with? I know its pretty.. Please, not being mean here..just really want to know.

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Exactly. The soaps I do with botanicals outsell my others. It's a different market - those will probably never be used as soap - they'll be decorations. I do a few that way, and the rest are "serious to be used" soaps.

And yes, I have customers who do use those, and they just scrape them off first.

Most everything else has a purpose - I'll use lots of herbs and/or oatmeal for my soap scrubs, like Meridith said.

It's a mix - marketing, differentiating me from other local soapers, and some actual benefits. I'm actually doing a few more soaps that are "dispay" types because I'm in an Artisan market during the summer - that's part of the "art".

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Thank you for the explanations. It makes sense. Especially a soap lover would like the botanical. It is pretty. I am the other market I guess. I wouldn't want all of that stuff ( not being disrespectful) on a soap I buy. So , every one has their own personal taste.

If I get into making beautiful soap like you gals, I would do the same thing. The swirls are awesome. Thanks Robin and Meridith.

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I do both types, but I put the botanicals on TOP so they can be removed if desired. I seldom put botanicals throughout the whole soap bar.

To answer your question, botanicals can add color and interesting texture to otherwise boring, plain bars. ;) Makes them look more visually appealing sometimes.

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