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looking for a Bath & Body "Partner"

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Hi everyone! I'm looking for a Bath & Body "Partner."

I'd like to be able to offer bath and body products in a select few matching scents of my candles to my customers. But candles are all I can handle right now! LOL

By partner, I mean having a link or banner on my home page that says "Would you like Bath and Body products that match this scent? Click here to visit our Bath and Body Partner (link or banner inserted with your name)"

I'd like a reciprocal link or banner.

What I need are talented Bath and Body crafters who don't also sell candles.

The scents must come from the same FO supplier or be a close match. My featured scents this month are Vanilla Sandalwood from Scentworks, Green Clover and Aloe from NG, and Indonesian Teakwood from Greenleaf.

Your products should reflect "nature" to fit with the philosophy of MoonShadows and RainForests.

I update my site monthly, and feature a few scents on the homepage, so the chances te be featured could change monthly.

Anyone interested? Please PM or email me at info@moonshadowsandrainforests.com

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