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Looking for Different Jars...


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I am so tired of white jars. I have no interest in black. I would like a nice pastel, either in a jar, a lid, or both. I would prefer 8 oz or 4 oz. Lavender or purple would be great, and so would pink in any shade. I have surfed the net all day and have come up with zip. Does ANYONE know where I can find something like I have described?

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Check out McKernan...they often have colored jars...the only draw back is that most of their stock is surplus and when they are gone they are gone, plus they do have a minimum order. Some of their is stock but you have to call to find out which ones.

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I never purchased anything directly from China but I found this:


Here is another one, looks like they are in the US but they don't have as many colors:


MMS has now added the blue jars, at the bottom on page:


You would think there would be more options for colored jars out there! I don't color my body cream and it is thick so I have to put it in a jar. Bottles come in more colors but my cream just won't come out of them! Another option is colorful labels but I understand your issue. I use clear jars but white product does look boring sometimes, not as flashy, but my product is good so I try not to worry about the color issue too much!

If you find any fantastic color jar suppliers keep us updated!

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