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Surf and Turk: MP


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Would it be possible to use a Turkey Fryer to melt MP soap at a low temp? Thinking of adding to our line, but with wholesale we figure we would have to pour about 30 pounds of this a day, and doing that in small batches at wholesale prices would not create a profit margin that would make it worth our while....

Anyone try this or any thoughts on this?


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I use a turk n surf fryer, but I am not so sure about using it for soap... the lowest setting is around 175 degrees.. I am just curious if the water would start to evaporate after a couple of hours.. I just don't know what this would do to your soaps, especially the ones from the bottom of the pot.. I would feel way more comfortable using 3 or 4 presto pots so you could lower the temp.. just a thought..

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