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Can Anyone Help?

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Wick advice please:)

I Used Pearberry FO (alabaster)--1 oz to 1 lb of J223--poured 1 (8 oz mason jar), 1 HTP 104 wick: didn't do well, the candle tunneled. Re poured, using the same formula, same jar, tried HTP 105--too hot, soot, etc.

THEN, I tried a 51-32-18z, the melt pool was great, no soot, little mushrooming, the flame was small-medium, at times it seemed as if the flame was too small, then as time went on, the flame settled into a med. height for the burn. I think I could use the zinc wick, yet I'm not totally satisfied with the performance.

Does anyone have a suggestion that I could try?

thank you in advance. if this has been posted already, please excuse.

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