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M & P Remelting..


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Hoping someone can help me here. I messed up a batch of soap in the mold. I want to remelt it and do it in a different mold that will be easier.

I have remelted soap once (and had an accident LOL) Do you need to add more EO--does it lose any scent once you remelt it?

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I haven't remelted when using EO's before, just FO's, but I just let it cool a bit, and let my nose tell me if I need to add a few more drops of FO. I also add a bit of distilled water, a little liquid soap & a little more castor oil when re-melting...seems like it keep it from becoming too drying.



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Thanks for the replies, I did remelt the soap very slowly at a low temperature in a double boiler and they seemed fine, smelled the same. I am part of the same swap as you both (everything MP) but don't worry it was a visual issue--the soap stuck badly in my first mold and came out mis-shapen. The only bad thing was I wanted lavender flowers ON the soap and instead they are now IN the soap. I will probably win the ugly award hands down LOL. Maybe I should stick to candles :o

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