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Need help w 2 1/2 circled labels, Please


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I have purchased 2 1/2 in white circle labels for the top of my container (gold lids) and I downloaded software off of avery.com. I can't figure out or it won't let me make a border around the circled label. I want to put my message in the center of the label and then just circle it. You would think it would be no biggy, but it is. Will I have to purchase some other type of software or does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for all of your help in advance.


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I was in avery design pro also, but how do you put a circle around it? (I know that sounds dumb, but I worked on the dumb thing for over 4 hours the other night) I have been able to get the font I want and center it on the 2 1/2 circles. I just don't know how to put a circle around it, please help - thank you. Oh, one other thing I did all the work typing in about 10 different sayings on the labels picking out the font/color and everything and then I could not save it to a disc?

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Go where it says drawing and click on the circle. Once you have that then you go back to where it says drawing again and you can change the thickness of the lines. I never did that with my labels so when I saw your posting..I thought Hmmm let me check.

Anyway...I hope this works for you.

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