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Global Habitats from Belle Aire


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Found this on the Belle Aire website.

Global Habitats - This is an exotic fragrance collection featuring sophisticated scents inspired by the four major biomes of the world. Experience the scents of the forests with Woodland Moss, Rain Forest Teak and Asian Forest. The freshness of Grasslands in Tall Grasses, Prairie Flowers and Savannah Gold. The Desert comes alive with scents of Aloe & Yucca, Flowering Cactus and Desert Garden. And lastly the wonderful scents of the Mediterranean come forth in Olive Tree, Herbs by the Sea and Mediterranean Garden.

I tried to email but something seems to be wrong with their form. I'll try calling Monday. I am most interested in Woodland Moss, Rain Forest Teak and Asian Forest. Anyone know if any of the regular suppliers carry these fragrances, or has anyone tried them?

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