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Anyone remember 'Wax Lyrical'??

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Does anyone on here remember the candle shops called Wax Lyrical? I'm not sure if they were just UK based or in the States too. I used to buy candles for my husband from their Feng Shui 'Metal' range - he absolutely loved the smell and always had them burning in his house before he moved in with me. So that smell kind of holds good memories for us from when we were first dating.

The shops closed down ages ago, and I would really love to make him some candles in this fragrance. I have been hunting high and low for any wax lyrical metal fragrance oil that may still be floating around somewhere - with no luck - until a google search brought up some 'Feng Shui Metal' FO in America.

My question is this ..... is it likely to be the same smell? What I am getting at is, if you buy cinnamon FO it smells of cinnamon, vanilla of vanilla etc... is this gonna be the same with Metal or are there variations on this do you think???

Sorry if this is a stupid question :D but I am full of them LOL.


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Wellington has a Feng Shui line. I just looked through my stock to see if I had it to send you a sniffie but I have Wood, Fire and Water. Sorry, wish I could help. Try a sample from them. I found these to be light in soy, dont know how they'd be in other waxes. The Wood smelled a little like Sandlewood, the Fire like a mild cinnamon and the Water like a light rain. HTH. Kari

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