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ISO soap recipe for "saddle" soap


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When I was doing a recipe on mms's lye calculator I noticed that one of the oils they have listed is neatsfoot oil. That made me start thinking about making a saddle soap. I have lots of saddles and leather that always needs cleaning, I usually condition the leather with some type of neatsfoot product after I clean it. So could I make a soap that will clean and condition at the same time by using neatsfoot oil? I would like to be able to make a soap that I could pour into a tin, but I guess bars would work OK too. TIA

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Not sure, but I found this that has a bunch of interesting info


Looks like a tallow bar, no palm would be good. There was one mentioned on the Miller site that was a 100% tallow bar, but I bet you could fuss around with the neatsfoot, and maybe add some beeswax.. Fun project!

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