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Palm Wax Questions

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Hello CT Family!

I have a question about the burn of Palm Wax. Jeri and I are doing some testing to prep for incoming stock and we're having trouble. The Wax is labled as a container blend but I'm having a heck of a time wicking candles to acheive a full melt pool.

The notes I have from IGI say "It is advisable to wick the candles so that they tunnel, giving a lantern-like effect when the burn, and the melt cup generally will tend to be fragile and break. It can be difficult to wick these of candles to get complete consumption..."

I've only ever played with a pillar specific blend before, and know this wax is really hard, and un-huggable. I guess I just assumed that if this wax is labeled as a "container" blend wax, it will burn side to side like a container candle. So far I am using an 8oz Tumbler (2 3/4" in Diameter, 4 inches tall) and have tried several wicks: HTP 104, HTP 1212, and (60-44-18P). The paper core and the 1212 get the glass REALLY HOT, but come very close to full melt pool. THe 104 tunnels, giving you a beautiful lantern like affect, but I'm just not sure that's the proper burn.

Anyone have any experience with a container blend Palm that could shed a little light on the proper burn of this wax?

Thanks for the input.



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