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Robin or anyone else that swirls 2 or more...


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Yup, that's about it. For my size batches I find the 3 oz dixie cups that I used to make votives with are a perfect size, but I've used larger pyrex cups and other things.

For 2 colors, in each cup I mix about a 1/4 teaspoon of color (depending) in with a little of my soft oils to mush it up. Then add lightly traced soap to that - for a slab that's about 14 x 10 (16 bars) I use a full 3 oz cup for each color - it's not very much at all. Maybe 1/4 cup measure? I pour one color at a time - since it was lightly traced, I find the colored soap doesn't get globby.

The trick of course is timing - the perfect trace consistency.

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