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Sink Holes Help Please

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I am new to candle making and am having trouble with sink holes. I can make the sink holes okay but unsure about how to top them up so that it leaves a nice finish on the bottom of your candle. I have no problems with the rest of my candle just the finish on the bottom. If anyone can offer advice it will be gratefully received. Thanks.

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When you are filling the sink hole is not the time to be concerned about finishing the bottom. Just be careful not to pour higher than the previous fill level or you could spoil the side of the candle. After you de-mold the candle, you can flatten the bottom by heating it on a baking sheet or some such thing set on a pot of hot water.

By the way, the shrinkage that causes the sink hole can also draw in air from the wick area and create cavities in the candle. While the wax is still warm and pliable, it's a good idea to poke some holes with a skewer around the wick, about 3/4 way down the length of the candle. Keep the holes open as the candle cools. When you do the final pour it will also fill in the holes and any air cavities that might have formed.

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