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Need help PLEASE! Salts liquifying!!


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Someone please help me. I found this recipe that seems to work for all my flavors except one. It is a scent called cool water and it seems to affect my salts very badly. I use a simple recipe of 1 cup medium dead sea salts and 1 cup epson salts. When I add my flavor I put them into a big 50 gallon plastic container, let tem sit unopened for at least a week "stirring" occasionaly. But my cool water salts are nearly liquid, how can I stop this from happening. I have nearly 60 lbs of salts in this fragrance and do not want to lose them. HELP!!!! TIA-Cassandra

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I don't know, it almost seems as if the fragrance oil had water in it, I have never had any kind of oil dissolve my salts.

Have you used the FO before? Maybe you could call the supplier and ask if it is cut with anything.

Sorry I am no more help, I know you are probably ready to SCREAM!!!!!


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