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I was just looking at Kangaroo Blue's site at the FBB and the sample recipie they provided. I have a question about the preservative. Per the KB site, you're supposed to use .5-1% of liquipar optima based on the total weight of what your'e making. Everthing is weighed out in oz except for the brown sugar, which is in cups. This may be a stupid question, but do you measure out 2 cups of sugar, then weigh it, and figure out how much preservative to use that way?

Second question: What happens if you use a little too much preservative? Say your calculations call for .40 oz and you put in .50oz.....is too much preservative the same as not having enough?

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The preservative amount is always the total weight of your formula, including your sugar, so yes, weigh out your sugar & add that to the total.

As for too much preservative, I'm thinking it may become an irritant, though not positive - hopefully someone else will chime in on that.

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