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glycerine to preserve leaves


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Anyone ever try this?

"A way to preserve leaves is to submerge them in a solution of glycerol and water:

Use a mixture of one part glycerol to two parts water. Place the mixture in a flat pan, and totally submerge the leaves in a single layer in the liquid. You'll have to weigh them down to keep them submerged. In two to six days, they should have absorbed the liquid and be soft and pliable. Remove them from the pan and wipe off all the liquid with a soft cloth. Done correctly, the leaves will remain soft and pliable indefinitely"

(note: glycerol = glycerin)


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I have glycerine- treated some leaves. There are lots of variables, so it can be a trial and error process. The condition & age of your material, temps when the material was cut and other factors can affect the outcome. The leaves/ branches should be cut from about June/Sept.-when they're not too young or too mature. Also, if you don't add dye to your glycerine solution, the leaves will generally turn brown. I've had pretty good results with ivy; other things I've tried, such as cedar, had about a 50% success rate. I hope to get around to trying other material this summer. HTH.

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