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New Box Wax With Water In It

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I bought a box of wax from a supplier who will remain unnamed and it had water between each slab of wax. No water damage to the box. Should I be stuck with this wax? I'm boiling the water out but I don't really have time for this crap; the weekend is getting really close.

Has anyone else had to deal with this?

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Why name the name? The company did nothing wrong. If the wax comes from or you live in a warm climate, there will be condensation between each slab. The cases aren't airtight you know.

Happens to me ALL the time. Especially during warmer months. I use 3 different waxes and all of them do this. The container, votive and pillar wax.

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I almost always have water in my 223 & sometimes 6006. When you seperate the slabs, just let them dry out & let the water drain. Carole

It was J223 and I was able to work around it. Hopefully it won't be too common b/c it does slow the process way down.

Thanks again to everyone who offered advice. I just needed to vent a little. I melted the wax in my presto and poured it out, leaving the water on the bottom in the pot. Worked much faster than boiling it out.

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