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Does anyone use Sam's Club Credit Card Processing


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just got off the phone with Sam's Club Credit Card People.

Man the charges were.

$39.95 for a wireless unit

$20.00 for monthly service fee

and if you don't have any credit card processes for a month they charge you

$19.95 anyway.

:drool: :drool: :drool: greeeeeedy

Ok scatch that one off the list/ moving on :tiptoe:

Got to go for now, Second job calleth


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Someone told me Costco has credit card services. The person who told me that said they typically have better prices than Sams, so I would assume if they do offer credit card services, it would stand to reason that their rates may be better as well.

I've never verified that though.

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I use a wireless terminal and just got set up for my internet account thru sams. Customer service is what makes me stay. Very friendly knowlegeable people. Patrick used to be my main contact but when I applied for my internet account they made a new rule where they split the departments....So now I deal with 2 people. Patrick is cool!

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I do not use their credit card services. It has a high interest rate.
Jennifer, it sounds like you are referring to their CC for personal purchases (high interest rate). Brooke is looking for a Merchant account, there is no interest rate on those, just a %, and monthly fees. Just so no one gets confused here.....if I misunderstood, my apologies.

Brooke, I've looked at Costco's merchant services and they seem to be very good rates. Think the monthly fee is comparable, but most will be in the same ball park. If you have the volume to justify a real merchant account, it's not really a big deal. If you don't, something like ProPay is a very viable option. HTH.

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Hi Beth,

Yal I think my best bet is the KNUCKLEBUSTER method.

I just want to get clear in my thinking how this works.

for instance/ at days ended, i can take my credit card slips call them in or process through the internet site/

I think this is how it works?

I was going to do a search on Propay site and Paypal site.

IF anyone wants to fill me in that is great too :highfive:

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