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Which is better essential oils vs fragrance oils

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I was wondering what is the best types of oils to use. I was reading about essential oils being much more expensive and limited as they come from plant parts vs. fragrance oils that are man made although there is a wider variety of them. Do most people use FO's in their soy candles? Is there a difference in quality of scent between essential oils and fragrance oils. My friend makes soap with essential oils and it gives off a very powerful scent. I use FO's in my candles and cannot get anything close to that. Anyway, I am confused on what to use and would appreciate the advise of the experts.




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hi leslie,

i am certainly not an expert but i have used both eo's and fo's. one is not

better than the other. they are both very good for scenting candles. the benefits of using high quality fo's is that they are readily available, easy to

use, and come in scents that you cannot duplicate with eo's.

using eo's are generally used for their aromatherapy qualities. i have had

very good luck with stronger scents such as lavender, patch, geranium,

lemongrass etc.. citrus isn't that good. can have a fuel smell or hardly any throw unless anchored with a stronger scent, say, patchouli and orange.

if you go the eo route, please read up on the safety and handling of them.

if your not getting throw from the candles you have made, it could be the

type of wicks your using, testing is fun as well frustrating. hth!!:grin2:

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I love eo's in soap and b&b. In candles, it depends. Some eo's, when burning, don't smell very pleasant to my nose. Kind of like Coleman lantern fuel. (A few fo's smell this way too. LOL) I prefer my eo's in tarts, but there are some that can be burned successfully. I've done patchouli blends, mint blends, and lavender/herbal blends, for example.

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