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I currently buy all of my products from suppliers on the East Coast and the shipping is quite high to California. I just recieved a new catalog from GloryBee Foods a few weeks ago and was wondering if anyone has gotten a wholesale account with them and if so what type of discount is it, if you don't mind me asking. I know there prices are pretty reasonable, but with wholesale I'm wondering how much better the prices would be.

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Hi- I'm in Oregon and Glory Bee is about 30 minutes from me:yay: - but- they don't have a lot of other things I'd like to use/try:( . There was another thread here about Oregon and West Coast suppliers where a few people discussed the wholesale discountat GBF. I think it was pretty much decided that it wasn't really THAT great of one. In the same thread there were names of other Suppliers in Wa and Ca. I beleive. Here is the link to the thread.


As a matter of fact I need to update some info on that thread so I'm going to go bump it up and I'm sure you'll find it easily.

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