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Possible Lye Pockets - what the heck?


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OK, I unmolded my oh-so pretty Solas swap soap this AM, and noticed that two or three bars had what looked like a thin liquid pocket on the back. Took a knife & poked it, what looks like lye water or oil came out. Did the zap test - some zap but not tongue numbing, ya know? I just soaped this less than 24 hours ago. I rubbed a teeny tiny bit of the liquid between my fingers & it feels more like oil though. I can't imagine it would be lye heavy as I weigh my lye twice and I superfatted @ 6%.

Great soaping gurus - what am I to do? Are my beautimous colors headed for the crockpot and the cruel, cruel rebatching?

Pardon the crappy quality on the pic:



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No guru, but possibly. The Drakkar behaved just like that for me. I poked all the little pockets and after a week or so, the zap was gone, but I wasn't trusting anything in the soaps so I ditched everything. I think in talkign with a few others just came to the conclusion that the Drakkar either forced a false trace or wasn't soapable despite it saying it was. I'm curious what causes all this too.

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