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Adding oils to M&P...when do you do it?

beau's mama

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I add the oil (s) after the base has cooled a bit...just wondering if any of you have added them while the base is melting and if so how was the end product? My only concern is that we get the full benefits of the oils...I don't want to "burn up" the oil properties/benefits.

I'm making my fur baby a soap with some funky, funky, FUNKY Neem oil in it and I want him to really benefit from it, even if he won't smell very pleasant for a while lol



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By no means an expert here, not even very experienced... but when I make MP I add any oils after it's melted but while still in the double boiler. I guess it's because of a beleif I have that it will only get fully incorporated if I do it this way. I don't think you can take away any benefits or properties of an oil/additive unless you really get it boiling, or keep it at a very hot temp for extended periods of time. Like if you have one mold and wanted to make 12 bars :angry2: (<~~ guilty ) The only thing I add in AFTER I remove it from the heat is FO- and anything I forgot as long as it's still quite hot in order for it to blend. If it's cooled too much I put it back on the heat. I think it needs to be fully in a liquid state and hot either way...i'm not sure that it REALLY makes a difference before or after. The only things I might be more careful about not letting burn off or get too hot are Essential oils. But if you think about it, many are sold to be heated in tealite warmers- which get pretty hot. And it's the vapors that you want for certain results. But in soap I would only worry that it not sit and 'cook' or boil.

Feel free to chime in and correct me here, lol... anyone?

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