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Wondering if you need to wick up on these Green Leaf FO


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Wondering if any of these need wicking up at all please


Honey Grahm Cracker

Strawberry Musk

Plolynesian Black Ginger

Mambo for Men

Angel for men

Tuscan patchouli (wick way up?)

I'm just wondering because I bet I went through 1/2 pound of Maduro for testing before I could get it to burn right. But I love it and was determined. Just wondering if I'll have as much trouble with these. Thanks much!

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Honey Graham Cracker: Did not wick up on , I am using an ECO6 in 8 oz. square mason (smallest I use in this jar so far) and it has an awesome throw at 1 oz. pp, this is one of my favorites, I keep it in stock at all times for me!!:cheesy2:

Sarsen: Was just to weak of a throw for me so stopped testing.

Strawberry Musk: after much testing, found that a CDN16 worked perfect in the 8oz. square mason at 1 oz pp. great throw. So I did go up on this one.

All in GL 70/30 (I do live in the south so I seem to use one size smaller wick than some)

Not tried the others.

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