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trying to quit my pt job


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i am starting to come up with ideas to quit my pt job, i am going to go to a flea market called flea land in bg ky, they get 8000 in traffic a weekend, i hope i can do good there, i also want to expand my wholesale accts, and get into more booths at flea markets, has anyone ever set up at flea land in bg? its going to take some time but i hope i can pull it off:grin2: is anyone else working on this goal of quitting there job? how close are you? and any tips would be appriciative(sp:embarasse )

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:yay: I am! I am!

I'm leaving my FT day-job in June. I have plans to do several farmer's markets in the area 5 days a week (sounds like a new FT job...) through the summer. Then fall/winter craft shows start up and between that at wholesale orders, I'm going to be a busy bee.

Biggest thing I'm concerned about of course, is keeping my head above water. Removing all debt from my life by the end of this year, and am socking away as much into savings as possible for a safety net.

Another concern - insurance. I was able to talk to a rep here at work re: some benefits I have here. They will follow me, and then I only need to get an HSA (health savings account) to cover anything else that comes up.

All in all, I'm feeling REALLY good about this, and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

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I know exactly what you are saying.... I have been working a full-time job and doing soap full-time for the past 2.5 years. I had a plan when I took my current job because it ends Oct. 2007. I knew that if I had a actual end date that it would become a reality.

I have been doing both because I did not want to change our lifestyle. I also did not want to start with a large bank loan and HAVE to make the bottom line every month to get everything paid.... So, my approach is as follows:

1) Save as much money as you need to fully operate your business for 1 full year (I am talking rent, water, electric, supplies, insurance, everything).

2) Create a business plan and stick to it.

3) Do not get sucked up in wanting to try and make everything. Find what you are good at making, what you enjoy, and what you can sell and market in your area.

4) Do a lot of craft shows, farmer's markets, different venues in your area where you can establish yourself and your products.

I am sure that I am missing something here but this is off the top of my head.

Good luck in the path that you choose.


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