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I think I'm in Love


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I'm going camping in a couple of weeks and regardless of the time of year, the mosquitos are always bad. So I decided to give Essential Oils a try because I hate the smell of Off. OK I mixed 1.2 tsp. Lemongrass with 1/4 tsp. each of peppermint and lavender; I poured this into 4 oz. cyclo. I rolled it around to mix everything up and gave it a test spray. OMG :drool: This smells sooooo good. My daughter came into the kitchen wanting to know what was smelling great....

I hope it works on keeping the bugs away.

Mods... If this should be in another forum, please move.....

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We're going to Percy Quinn State Park. I'll have to order some of the Citronella FO from Peaks. I have Sahara from Flickers, which is supposed to be a good insect repellent, but I tried it once and I still got eaten by those pesky pests.

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I love Percy Quinn. We used to go there all the time during the summer and ski in the lake and hike around it. It's close enough and yet still beautiful! Can I come with you guys? Have a great time! Hopefully it will still be cool and there won't be too many mosquitos.

Talk soon,


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