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Overheated Wax- Question

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Did something really stupid tonight; I left my workshop for about two hours (not realizing that much time had gone by), warmers on and set too high for a leisurally melt down. When I came back down, the one was at almost 230 degrees! Yikes! I usually melt to 180; Ecosoya CBA, by the way. Here's what I did; any other suggestions, I'm all ears!

I weighted out the entire laod into pouring pots (eight pots at 62 oz each!); thought this would cool it down quickest; and I didn't add the FO's yet. Thought I'd wait till the temps in the pots came back down to the 170-180 range.

You don't need to point out how stupid I was; I've got that part covered!:embarasse


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