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Saw bathbombs for the first time IRL.....


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This past weekend. ;)

I'd only ever seen them on here from pictures, never in real life.

BOY, I had NO idea how big they were-HOLY COW!!

That seems like an awful lot of "product" for one bathtub. :eek:

They were really cool though, I was trying to remember the name of the company dang it I can't though, but it was something to do with be yummy or something, and so all the bombs had food /dessert names, and looked like they had drizzly frosting on them, or choc. chips, etc.

They also had a body scrub that had real choc. chips in it, which I thought was a little wierd, whaddya think?

Anyway, my mom and I spent a lot of time checking out the competition at all these boutiques in this trendy little town this past weekend. ;)

Candles, and b&b stuff, and it was really helpful, especially getting to smell some scents I'd never smelled before, and see labels and stuff.

You cannot believe the prices they were asking for these things though-HOLY COW!! Lots of $$$$$$. :eek:

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I finally saw them in person for the first time this summer. Talk about a joke though! That lady needs to visit CT! I had to stare for a while to figure out what the were. They were packaged in plastic colored translucent easter eggs, held closed with scotch tape. On closer look I saw why. Most were crumbled into chunks, maybe half in each egg was still solid :shocked2: The scents were written on with black permanent marker. Oh my it was soooo tacky looking. I can't believe she held her head up in public with those. Not that I do everything great, I have my share of flops too. But I sure ain't gonna flaunt them in public :rolleyes2

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