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It is in the 40's at night already... but this happened to me in the summer also. It is like just about every batch I make does this anymore.. :cry2: I insulate well with towels wrapped around..... it drives me crazy.

PS... How are you guys doing - been thinking about you.

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That's why some like to do the CPOP. Make the soap up, put in mold and put in the oven for an hour at 175, turn oven off and leave mold in there. There are many variations to CPOP, some heat the oven prior to putting the soap in there and turn it off as soon as they put the mold in, some don't turn the oven on until the mold is in there. Some heat for 2 hours, some only 1 hour, some only until they see complete gel.

Or you could lay a towel down, put a heating pad on it, then put the mold on top of the heating pad and leave it on for an hour.

If you don't like the route of "forcing" gel, you could go the route of preventing gel. Put your mold in the refrig before using to get it nice and cool, add soap and put back into fridge for several hours.

Either way, you don't get the bi-colored look to your soap.

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