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swirly looking soaps


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How do you guys practice? I thought some of the soaps i have viewed look so good enough to eat, One was crandberry, looked like a brownie! I have seen every person's soap at the gallery, boy they looked good enough to eat. I thought maybe bying a box of cake mix the one called marbled cake, where you have to save some of the batch to make chocolate, and then add to the yellow part which is in the pan and swirl it. Or with the brownie mix.:P

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The only way you will learn is to begin making soaps with swirls. The more batches you make, the easier it gets.:smiley2:

Crap that's not holding true for me. LOL :) :) I keep practicing and it still seems to be hit and miss. :cry2: But, I haven't given up and whenever I feel like giving up on swirling, I just look at the pictures in the gallery and I am once again inspired.

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