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Independent Contracters


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I have people who want to do shows and sell my candles for me.

Now I know they are called independent Contractors and you give them a 1099 and they are responsible for all their taxes , ect.

Do any of you do this??

What would you pay someone doing this for you??

I have never been a consulant for anyone so I have no idea how this works.

Any suggustions would be greatly appreciated.:highfive: TIA

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I don't have anyone working for me, but I was a consultant for PL for a while. They would pay us 25% of our sales (before tax and shipping). We would have to have a show totaling $350 and that's how we'd receive our starter kit. If we needed to purchase products to add to our kits they were 50% off and if we purchased things for personal use I believe it was 35% off. I don't want to type a book, and I could about PL, but I hope this is a start. Let me know if you have more questions. ;)

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What I do is make the person selling for me get their own tax id#. That way they are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax. I treat them as a wholesale account and they sell at retail, keeping the difference as their portion. According to my state, if I were to have any out of state consultants and didn't do it this way, I'd have to get a tax ID# for that state in order to remit the tax. WAAAYYYYY to much hassle for me. No 1099's either. This method has worked out great for me so far. HTH!


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