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Affordable Online Wholesale Suppliers?

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Hey guys,

I've been searching the web for online candle/ soap suppliers. But most places I looked at were pretty expensive.:undecided Does anyone know of some good online suppliers that have good prices and a nice selection? Where do you guys like to do your shopping?

Any help would be highly appreciated!:)

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Candle making is just plain expensive...there's no way around it. Some suppliers are more expensive than others. You want to use good quality wax, wicks and fragrance oils. The best thing to do is locate suppliers that are close to your area so that you can save on shipping costs or better yet, pick up yourself.

I get my waxes from Candlewic or Wholesale Supplies Plus. WSP is very, very expensive when it comes to shipping and only use them when I have to. I buy my fragrance oils from Peak, Natures Garden, Wholesale Supplies Plus, and on occassion from Tradewinds. Oh, and I get my wicks and dyes from Candlewic because they have such a good selection and they are somewhat close to me.

My best advice to you is to get a starter kit. Peak has a nice starter kit that you could try. Master that and then move on to your next project. There's plenty of people on this board willing to help you if you run into trouble...all you have to do is ask. Good luck!

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You can check out some of these: http://www.candletech.com/links/Candle_Making_Supplies/

Most of us who have been around a while have ordered from numerous suppliers before deciding which ones suit our needs, and continue to do so. What works for one person might not work for another. If you do some more reading in the forum, you'll find people naming names of many suppliers for different reasons (products, service, shipping, etc.).

Welcome to the forum.

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