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very very newbie questions

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Hi, you must be patience with me (if you want, of course!)

I make candles from a very little time, so there are many things I don't know, other I don't understand.. and others I can't translate into Italian!!

I post here some questions, could you please help me?

1) What do you mean when you talk about "preblended wax"? What is this? Is this right or wrong? What use raccomended?

2) Can I make candles with paraffin only? I find in stores a mix of paraffin and stearin. What is rhe difference?

3) In the last two days I realized that there is also soy wax, vegetable wax.. Can I make pillars with those waxes? Is it true that vegetable waxes can make crystal and marble effect under certain conditions?

4) What does it mean "clog the wick" if I use wax crayons? Wick does not burn? What happens?

uhm... that's all for now, I hope you will survive!!

Thanks for patience, answers, and for all!!


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I'm still new to candlemaking, but I hope my answers will help you.

1. Preblended wax: Paraffin wax with additives added.

Such Additives are vybar, universal additive, and stearic acid.

Vybar is a wax additive used to eliminate bubbles, prevent mottling, increase opacity, and enhance frangrance-oil capacity of wax.

Universal Additive inhibits mottling, wax hardness, prevents bubbles, increases opacity, minimizes the occurance of surface pits in molded candles.

Stearic Acid increases the hardness and opacity of wax.

Check out Peaks page on additives for recommendational use:


2. You can make candles with paraffin only, but if you want to have a good fragrance load, then you will need to add vybar. And another good additive is UV inhibitor, this is used to prevent the fading of colors due to ultraviolet light exposure. Again check out Peak's additive page.

3. Yes you can make pillar candles with Veg wax and soy wax. Please check Peak's page on waxes:


And I know some veg waxes can result in getting crystalized texture effect, but I haven't really played with them to be able to tell you more.

4. "Clogging the wick" is caused by using to much dye, which can cause the candle to not burn. But if you follow the directions from most suppliers then you should be fine, and I would recommend peak for a great dye supplier.

I heard you can use crayons, but I wouldn't recommend it, again by using them you have an increase chance of clogging the wick. And if the wick does not burn, then you can't enjoy the candle.

I hope this helps you. You should also check out Peak's instructions page:


I've got all the above information definitions from Peak's web pages. I just hope Alan won't mind me using his definitions to help you out.

Also, you should read all the boards on this page to help you with your candlemaking:


Just remember, enjoy and have fun! :)

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