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???'s on making Creams...


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I've tried out so many wonderful samples of creams and lotions and other products from the members on this board.

I want to start getting into making creams and lotions...

Can someone recomend a good tuturial on the basics, why things work the way they work and info on ingredients and formulating your own?

I have some wonderful ideas on ingredients and such, now I just need to start to learnin' myself good on the how to's and what for's :)

:yay: :highfive: :yay:

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I don't think you are going to find a site that has everything "in a nutshell". That's what makes candle, soap, and toiletry-making so complex; you glean bits of information from different sources and have to figure out how they fit together. Some really good sites that have helped me are: the soap dish forum, the whisk.us, and the lotioncrafter site (the formulary gives exact instructions for making lotions in some of the recipes).

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