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Is this a good starting recipe???


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I think I finally got a handle on this percentage thing (math isn't my strong subjest, LOL).

Coconut 20%

Palm 20%

Soybean 20%

Canola 15%

Sesame 10%

Stearic Acid 10%

Cocoa Butter 5%

I just need to order some palm and get my cocoa butter and I can actually make some soap. I also need to pick up a martha mold next time I am in town.


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Other than the stearic, it looks fine. You've got 55% hard oils and that's a lot. Palm is what stearic is made from; I'd probably go 1 or 2% on that as well as cutting the palm if using stearic and add to the olive. It may trace too fast and too quickly with the 10% stearic. Try to keep the total hard oils at 40-50%.


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