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Softer the Wax...Better throw???

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I spoke with the company that I currently order my wax from and told her I read here that if I added J223 to 1275 (what I currently use) that I would get a better hot throw. She told me that the softer the wax the better the hot throw.

Is this true?

I used to buy HI candles before I started making them and there wax is not soft and I always thought they smelled good. If I decide to switch to a harder wax what would be good?

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That's a toughie right there. On one hand I want to say that yes, the lower melt point container waxes have a stronger throw, but then I think about the OK6228, which has a meltpoint of 145, and it has an outstanding scent throw too (I've used it in containers before *G*). And also 4794 votive wax; I can light one votive and smell it throughout the downstairs.

Also, I can increase the scent throw of some harder waxes by adding in either soy or container wax, so there's a contradiction right there.

So, maybe this is a 'it depends' type question/answer. Perhaps for some waxes, adding in a softer wax does increase the scent throw. And on some harder waxes, adding a soft wax doesn't change the hot throw at all. *shrug*.


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