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Could someone help me with math question?

Candle Man

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Basically you need to first add up all your parts. You've got to know total number of parts. In your example, you've got a total of 7 parts for the whole thing.

That gets you each individual %. Go back to each ingredient, and divide it out.

6 parts out of 7 = 6/7 is pretty close to .86

1 part out of 7 = 1/7 is pretty close to .14

All of those have to add up to 1.00 (or, if you write them as 86%, 14%, they all have to add up to 100%)

To figure out how much to actually measure, you have to decide how much you want to make.

So if you want to make 4 oz of something:

First ingredient is 86% of 4 oz = 4 * .86 = 3.44 oz

Second ingredients is 14% of 4 oz = 4 oz * .14 = .56 oz

See the pattern?

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