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herb soap


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I've never done this myself, but I heard that if you soak fresh herbs for several weeks in olive oil, the oil will become scented. I go with eo myself, it's quicker.

I've used rosemary and sage dried herbs. To make the powder real fine, use something like a coffee grinder. I put the herbs in a few minutes before pouring the soap. They could have been left in longer for stronger coloring. The herbs do make the soap kinda gritty. I like that, but some people may not.

The herbs did lightly scent the soap, but I added some eo to increase the fragrance. Also, the soap could be filtered if you wanted a smoother textured soap.

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I infuse all of the time. I use fresh herbs, flowers, berries, etc. with no molding issues. I always infuse in olive oil. You can achieve a scent in your soap with infusing oils.

If you add dried herbs, flowers, etc. to your soap than it is just for texture and interest not scent. MOST herbs will discolor to brown when you add it dried to your soap. Keep this in mind because some look really gross- IMO.

The only fresh herb that I have used is basil. I just chop it up in small pieces.



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