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For goodness sake!


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I am not sure if this is in the right place or not, but I just had to vent just a bit. I placed an order for 100 clear lotion tubes from a supplier from whom I've ordered in the past. I also order one FO. Well, the box looked fine when it got here, but smelled very strongly of the FO. Guess what - it had seeped out and soaked the inside of the box and everything in it. The lotion tubes were stuck to the packing material!!! I was horrified because I have some orders (sample) to fill and now I have to wait a week or more to get an exchange, etc.

I never knew that FO could be so caustic and damaging!!!

The FO smells great though!:wink2:

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Dang it, that's such a bummer!! :(

Yep, that FO can cause some serious damage!!! EEK

The other day I was trying to tape a bottle of FO and the lid came off and the bottle flew out of my hands and splattered all over my kitchen and freezer (who knew 1 ounce could splatter THAT much????) and after I cleaned it up, my nail polish was all gummy and the side of my freezer feels gummy as well. :(

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